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Welcome to Clinique Dentaire Regency

Our clinic used to be run by Dr. Harry Rosen for over 50 years at this exact same location in downtown Montreal. Dr. Harry Rosen is a professor emeritus at McGill University and an international lecturer with widely recognized published articles. He is known for his ability to skillfully restore the most complicated and challenging dental mouths. He started teaching over forty years ago at McGill and is still actively involved with the dental residents at the Montreal General Hospital. Recently, he has received a lot of recognition for his stone sculptures. A hobby he started a long time ago that has taken him into a new phase of his life. He has donated many of his sculptures to prominent sites such as the Montreal Children’s hospital, the Jewish General hospital, the YMCA on Sherbrooke street, etc….you can find many of his sculptures throughout the city.

Dr. Souzi Mhanna joined his practice in 2001 after completing her residency at the Montreal General Hospital. She had the privilege of learning under Dr Rosen and then later on teaching with him at the Montreal General hospital dental residency program, McGill University, and Université de Montréal. Dr Rosen bas been a mentor to Dr. Mhanna. He helped teach her the intricacies of rehabilitating a full mouth through direct clinical examples and through their involvement together at the Montreal general hospital residency program.

In 2012, Dr. Mhanna became owner of this practice and has been able to continue with the same dental principles and work ethic as her mentor. She has taken on this practice that has so much history and hopes to continue its legacy. She is up to date with new methods and dental advancement.

Since March 2014, the clinic is now known as Clinique Dentaire Regency as we have multiple dentists in our practice. Recently, we have had a new associate join our practice. Her name is Dr. Tina Martino. Both Dr. Mhanna and Dr. Martino are graduates from McGill and have worked very closely together since their graduation which is 14 years ago. Dr. Lorna Katz is also a graduate from McGill and gas been a part of this practice for over 20 years. This reassures our patients in that they are receiving the same high standard of work and care in their dental needs.

In March of 2016, Dr. Bernard Mayantz joined our practice part time on Thursdays soon after Dr. Katz retiring from practice. Drs. Mhanna and Mayantz were co-teachers at the Montreal General Hospital Dental Residency program.

In January 2018, Dr. Mhanna delegated Dr. Mayantz to take over her practice while she took a sabbatical year.

We look forward to growing our practice and helping other people in receiving the dental treatment they have been searching for in the caring manner that they deserve.

To make an appointment with us you may reach us at 514-935-1809 or fill out the form «Appointment Request» on the top of this page.

We look forward to meeting and taking care of you.