Always keep your smile !

  • Dental insurance

    In our office, we offer to transmit insurance claims electronically. Our dental secretary will send your claim at the end of your appointment. Most dental insurances will give us an immediate response to the claim. If your coverage isn’t 100% you will only have the difference to pay. Some dental insurances do not accept electronic claims and will then have to be mailed and the full amount will have to be acquitted. In rare cases, some insurances do not give an immediate response to the claim, you will then have to acquit the full amount.

  • ASEQ

    We accept student insurance from all universities. Students get a special rate at our office.

  • Other payment options

    We accept cash, Debit, Visa and Mastercard. If your treatment is extensive, we do offer a monthly payment period plan. If that is your case, our office manager will discuss and plan with you the best possible method to pay. We want to help in any possible way to make your dental treatment feasable.